Let Your Soul Shine

We curated an immersive photo journalism experience designed for adventurous photographers that are looking to photograph the world.

The ‘Capture Culture Project’ is a research initiative under B-Raps studios, exploring new business/ product opportunities for my studio.

Identified and visited hidden gems and must see destinations that are off the beaten path

Designed marketing material and solicited reaction/feedback from my market sample of photographers

Phi Phi Island, Phuket Thailand.
Phuket's Lighthouse


Offering- 10 day excursion to Thailand- My objective was to develop an immersive travel package for photographers. I traveled as one of my customers, to validate my research and offering.

Defined itinerary and package options including: tour destinations, daily itineraries, inclusions for guest.


Worked with travel partners to validate my initial ideas and hypothesis- captured feedback and made adjustments where needed to tour packages


Identified hotels and food destinations that could not be forgotten by my customers- visited each one to determine if they met my expectation

Baby Elephant
Elephant Love
Thailand Food Market
Chinese guardian lions
Thailand Construction
Gay traveling photographer


Everyday there is many options of food to choose from. While walking the fresh markets you can smell the aroma of many different dishes being freshly made, some you may recognize such as; Pad Thai, Tom Yum, Phat Kaphrao, & Thai Curry to name a few. With being in a third world country you have to be careful of what you eat, (unless you had gotten vaccinated before leaving the States). The citizens of Thailand are very dedicated and devoted to what they do. They are incredibly hospitable to visitors.

Night Skyline Of BangKok, Thailand