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Where would you want your engagement photos to be taken?  Where is your dream wedding location? What kind of music would you want to dance to at your wedding? Did you want a church wedding or a peaceful ceremony in a garden? What kind of theme/color scheme did you want? Did you want up lighting? What season did you want to get married in? What type of wedding dress or tuxedo style did you want to wear? How many people did you want to invite? Who will be in your bridal party? When will you send the invitations? Would you hire B-raps Studios as your photographer? 

Weddings are beautiful and very special to the soon to be married couple. There is a lot of thinking and decision making when it comes to planning a wedding, it is all about details and love. That is why when we meet for the first time, or as many times as you would like, I want to get to know both of you. The questions above are just a few, some other important questions would be, if you like wine? Because honestly everyone does, it's just a matter of what flavor you prefer. As your wedding photographer I want to make sure that you’re comfortable knowing that we will be a great fit. There is no need for you to have a boring wedding photographer, that’s no fun. With knowing all the details and decisions you have to make, B-raps Studios wants you to know that you’re in good hands.

With hiring B-raps Studios, you will get an experience like no other. If you choose to get a 2nd photographer, we'll be sure to make it a cohesive unit. Family is very important to me, this is why I work with photographers who have that same mindset. We just want to make sure that you both have an amazing experience.

So now you are thinking, what are the prices for this amazing service? Below you will find our packages that we offer. We offer 3 different versions, (6, 8 and 10 hours). The 10 hour package is the only package that we offer with a 2nd photographer. You are able to add a second photographer to any of the others, for additional charge. We can also customize a package to your liking as well. If you don’t find that these packages work with your wedding day we would absolutely customize a great package for you.  

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