Covid-19, (also known as the coronavirus) has turned our planet upside down. Witnessing a pandemic like this in our lifetime is mind blowing. From living in an age where there is so much science and research behind the medical field, it makes you wonder how ready we are for something on this scale. Health officials, first responders, and essential workers are doing an amazing job trying to defeat this disease and keeping it from spreading. Since covid-19 started in China, it has taken a toll on everyone around us. Things are just not the same and who knows if it will ever go back to “normal” again.

This virus has shut down our economy, canceled holidays and events, crashed the stock markets, and caused many to lose their jobs and/or suffer financial hardship. I went around taking shots of different businesses that have been affected by the virus. I am a wedding photographer and for the next 3 months churches and venues had to put a close sign on their front doors so people will not be in contact with the virus. Restaurants and bakeries had to alter their way of delivering food; Stores had to reduce the quantities of products, such as toilet paper and personal protective equipment, PPE that customers can purchase. Some are dealing with this change better than other but everyone is figuring out what work best and improvising.  

Social distancing is a huge factor in all of this. Staying 6 feet away from each other and needing to wear face masks and gloves everywhere you go so you don’t come in contact with this deadly virus is imperative. If your 65 years old, or older, or have a compromised Immune system you are at a higher risk of not recovering from the corona virus. This is why it is crucial that you stay home, this will help save lives.

We live in a world where there is a need for support from one another. We as American’s don’t hesitate to step up to the plate. When there is a devastating “act of god” that can affect the lives of many people, through our differences, we come together to grow as a nation and fight

On a positive note, scientists have discovered that with the strict quarantine guidelines in place, the whole world has seen a significant drop in pollution. Current scientific readings have shown that with results of the greenhouse gasses being lowered, there have been some positive results as people in India are able to see the top of the Himalayas for the first time in decades and North Pacific humpback whales in Alaska are able to deliver their calves in peace. Michelle Fournet, a marine ecologist at Cornell said “Nature is taking a breath when the rest of us are holding ours.” The question is; once this pandemic ends, will we go back to polluting or will we focus our efforts to preserve this rejuvenated planet? 

Design, illustration and photography done by B-raps Studios

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