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Gillette Castle in East Haddam, Connecticut. It is the home of the great Sherlock Holmes, a fictional detective. All of the stories and novels started in this castle owned by;

Sir William Gillette

When you arrive to the surrounding area of the castle you will be shocked that there is a ferry that you have to take across the  CT River; Yes, a ferry!  You are able to have your car on the ferry so you can drive to the castle after the boat ride (CRAZY HUH).  When you arrive to the other side of the river you simply drive off and travel north up the hill to this amazing castle. When you get to the state park you are able to tour the castle which has 3 floors. The only thing is that once you go up a set of stairs you are not able to go back down the same set of stairs…

This great brick, retro castle has all of the original artifacts and nick-nacks, (especially cats) which he loved to collect and have for pets.The grounds of the castle are amazing and there is so much to do. Not only can you tour the castle but you are able to hike in the back and can have picnics with family & friends. There are flower beds that you can enjoy, as well as, looking out to the CT river. For a great time with your favorite people and being inexpensive (6$ per person), I would suggest this tour to anyone. If you are into mystery,horror, or just touring into the past of an historic novelist you will enjoy yourself.

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