July 4th, nothing is more gratifying than celebrating our independence. What is better than celebrating America’s Birthday than setting up a cookout? Nothing is! Every year people have a lot of preparation to do if they want to have a successful cookout.  They send out Invites by mailer or make an event page on Facebook. The Host will be able to send all the details to the ones that will be invited. Not only do you get invited to cookouts you also get to see parades, concerts, and other activities that celebrate the big day which represents our FREEDOM!

That is what I did for my holiday celebration; I went to the parade, cookouts and hung out with Great, Amazing People. For the first time ever I was able to see the Bristol parade. Now a little history about the parade, it is the oldest and longest in all of America’s history (see quick history). The Bristol parade is a great way to show everyone how to come together and celebrate such an important day. Everywhere you look everyone has a smile on their face. People’s expressions are of great joy and thankful thoughts that we are able to do what we do in honor of our independence. With the weather being a scorcher of 95° and having the participants in the parade march for 3 hours in either band uniforms or having on old civil war gear has to be painfully uncomfortable for them.  I know it looked like it was. With being so hot and uncomfortable they still have the ambition to keep the tradition alive and march every step of the parade until the end.

Having people all around you watching the parade and meeting with old friends, making new ones and showing everyone how patriotic you are is what you do at such an event. The best part of having a lot of people around you is that you are able to communicate with different individuals that you would have never met if it wasn’t for the parade. You can interact with one another with having great times enjoying the entertainment, laughing and conversating with each other. That is what I wanted to express through the pictures that I took at the parade.

Expression is most important to me especially when people are enjoying themselves. Individual’s reactions are priceless with having different emotional responses. Like people say, people that have big smiles attract other to smile. That is what I am trying to perceive as the parade goes on…


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