June is pride month throughout the United States. It’s when everyone shows their love and support for the LGBTQ community. LOVE IS LOVE, no matter who is expressing that emotion. There is no harm in showing the world that you can live in a country that is filled with people who care about one another. That is what we should strive for as a whole in this country.

The rainbow flag is the symbol that represents equality. The spirtual meaning of the rainbow colors is peace and serenity. Having all of the colors- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet fly in the air it gives comfort that no one will be harmed or judged.

Happy National Pride Month! 

#loveislove #equality #chrisharrispresents  

Club: Ego- Providence, Rhode Island

Drag queens: Annie B. Frank, Complete Destruction, Kira Stone and Miss 2019 Gay Rhode Island, Pulp

Performance: Nancia, Hoodcelebrityy, DJ Nina Flowers & DJ Alex Acosta

Photographer: Bryan Raposa- B-raps Studios


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