Early this summer I decided to purchase a macro lens. I wanted to get all the fantastic details of things not seen by the naked eye but recognized on what the objects are.  With miniature objects there are more details with in that no one really gets to see and appreciated. The main reason was to capture the miniature details from my wedding photography.  I remember when I wanted to get so close to the wedding dress I wasn’t able to get that 1:1 magnification. At that moment I figured to jump the gun to get myself a macro for these purposes.
Other than getting such great details of the two love birds special day, I like to use it for other purposes such as capturing insects, fruit, flowers and other small living creatures that crawl around our grounds. I decided to purchase a butterfly growing kit. I received 2 sets of baby caterpillars, which had 5 little ones in each cup.  These cups had food for them to eat and grow and become healthy Butterflies.
My goal is to capture each day of their lives until I release them into the world.  As day by day goes on they got bigger & bigger I recorded their routines. It was very interesting to see how fast they had grown within the 8 days. They crawled to the top of the container to form a chrysalis (cocoon), to finally transform into a pretty butterfly.  As they were crystallizing and forming I was just amazed about the science to understand what is actually going on.
They form in this substance called a pupa; a pupa is the life stage when the insect undergoes transformation. What protects the pupa is called larvae, or better known as Chrysalis (cocoon).  This is a casing spun of silk. The cocoon may be tough or soft, opaque or translucent, sold or mesh like of various colors, (depending on the different kind of caterpillars). Insects that pupate in a cocoon must escape from it; they do this by cutting its way out. When they are ready and to re-enter the world they will stretch and make their way through the shell. Once they are out they release blood into their veins to strengthen their wings so that they are able to stretch that beautiful pattern design and fly away.  This is just another part of their cycle. Once they become an adult butterfly they need to be released. When they are released they start the whole cycle again by laying eggs on leaves, tree branches or bushes. Then the whole cycle starts again once the caterpillars are born.




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