Who & Where are we?

B-Raps Studios is a multimedia studio located in Rhode Island. B-Raps Studios combines photography, marketing, graphic design and technology to help out those who are imaginative, and aren’t sure how to make their vision a reality. Established in 2010, B-Raps Studios has maintained a professional reputation and expanded tremendously throughout the years. We provide exceptional service, excellent quality of work, and customer satisfaction is always our number one priority. We will do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our Mission

B-Raps Studios, where imagination transcends reality, using the latest, cutting-edge photography and design mediums. We promise to photograph your most important moments with passion and professionalism. Knowing our clients, and making their vision become reality is our top priority. All clients will receive the highest level of attention, devotion and commitment.

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What we do!

  • Graphic Design

    Logos, Decals, Editing designs, Typography, T/shirts, Promotions

  • Photography

    Weddings, Engagements, Modeling, Infants, Family, Special occasions

  • Marketing

    Branding, Advertising, Promotions


Upcoming Projects

  • Wedding Season 2016, Booking NOW! 

  • Christmas photo sessions  

  • Gulp fish decal design  


  • Professionalism

    At B-raps Studios we stand by our clients 100%. When we are developing, creating, or imagining a project for a client we make sure that is done the right way. Making sure that our clients are happy doing everything possible to make sure that they succeed in their business.

  • Educated

    With many years of college and experience in the media & marketing field we feel that here at B-raps Studios we are well in ahead of the game of what is to be expected. We make sure to teach ourselves every day so that we are informed about the new trends, designs, and lingo to meet our clients expectations.

  • Friendly

    Just like the title says.. We are friendly, outgoing, kind and caring individuals. We make sure to understand our clients and what they have to say. We want to make our clients experience here 100% fun and relaxing.


Visit B-raps Studios on our Storenvy site and see what we have up for sale. E-commerce

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Wedding Photography



B-Raps through the camera! We take the element of life and embed it into a memorable capture. BRS philosophy as a photographer is that everyone has their own journey and there are different ways to capture it.  We want to capture every element of life. That is why it is important to make sure all the details are captured and nothing are ever forgotten.

Graphic Design

B-raps Studios creates and designs one of the most important building blocks for starting a business. A companies identity is most important for its marketing and advertising needs. How you represent your business is another key factor on the reputation. That is why as a graphic designer we are able to design a special representation for you that will make your business stand out. At BRS we would like to get as much information as possible so that we are able to put a personal touch to the design; for that personal connection. Our goal is to have the owner of the company feel excited and proud of their new look.  


A man once told me “Everywhere you look marketing is around” this statement is 100% true. Some examples of marketing are; When you walk on a busy street with businesses on either side, When you drive on that highway to see banners hanging from overpasses, When you go to your local farmers’ market with tents set up strategically and food trucks scattered around and one last example is when you see graffiti on walls ( attractive or not) it is a form of marketing. You as a business owner have to understand that you need marketing to help get your business started and to be successful. Here at B-raps Studios we are able to design advertisements and help you think of promotions for you so that you are able to be part of the marketing world and stand out from the rest to start letting people know what you offer.


How are we?

  • Bryan has been our photographer for years now. He did our family photo shoot a few years ago when my now husband and I started dating. He did an amazing job and had so many creative ideas! After that we became engaged and asked him to do our engagement shoot on the ocean, he did an amazing job and caught the beautiful sunset! I then asked him to do a fall family photo shoot in a pumpkin patch! He was so creative and had so much enthusiasm. When he's photographing you can tell he's doing something he truly loves! You can tell how much he loves what he's doing and he does it we'll and professional!!!! Would recommend B-raps to anyone looking for a photographer!! I'm currently waiting on my wedding photography pics next !!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!! We give this guy two thumbs up!
    Mr & Mrs Sarandrea
  • Bryan was very professional and outgoing. He got the entire bridal party and family members involved. He laughed along with us the entire night. I Would recommend him for any occasion.
    Bridesmaid 4
  • I was recently in my friends wedding as a brides maid. Bryan was her photographer. He was genuine professional and overall perfect. He came up with some great ideas for photos along with adhering to the ideas the bride and from wanted. If I ever get married I will definitely be looking into having him as my photographer as well.
    Bridemaid 3
  • i was a bridesmaid in a wedding that Bryan photographed. He was so much fun and really made everyone feel comfortable. He was able to balance being professional and friendly, which I feel is not an easy task. If I hadn't gotten married before this wedding I would've used Bryan. He is just amazing!!!!
    Bridesmaid 2
  • My friends got married on October 12,2014 and Bryan also was the photographer for the bridal shower in August. He was absolutely amazing! He is so friendly and such a professional. The day was really crazy at times but he was always so calm & focused. He captured so many special moments. I cannot wait to see all of the wedding photos! I will definitely be recommending B-Raps Photography to everyone I know!!
  • I do not know where to even start! Bryan is simply amazing! from the second we had our first meeting he was so personable, i knew from his style of photography he had to be my photographer.The whole process was simple and easy. We used him for my bridal shower which was a nice surprise. The pictures came out great and he got so many detail pictures which is what i love! When it came to the wedding everything went great. I had him from when I was getting ready through the reception. he is so easy to work with and really listened to me on specific pictures that were important for me to get. i believe he captured our day beautifully!! I have had multiple family members and friends say that he was nice, sociable and interacted great with everyone. besides his pictures being amazing he is amazing himself! You can tell when someone enjoys what they do and i think that is a great feature to have it makes them care more about your photographs and you as a client! i highly recommend B-Raps Photography!
    Alicia & Andrew
  • My wife Kelly and I were married on Friday the 13th, 2011 and used Bryan as our photographer. As you can see by my rating, we were more than satisfied with the result and would go as far to say that the pictures he took were perfect; not just in quality but in his ability to identify and capture organic and natural moments. It began with him taking some very interesting and unique pictures of my groomsman and I getting dressed in our tuxes before the wedding. In one of his pictures, you can see the excitement and apprehension on my face as I'm getting a friend to help me put on my tie. Candid shots like this are, in my opinion, the gold standard of wedding photos and Bryan is a master at this skill. When me and my groomsman decided to play basketball moments before the ceremony, Bryan saw the opportunity to take some of the funnest pictures I've ever seen! The result is a series of hilarious and damn cool photos that embodies the fun, festive, and unpretentious vibe I was going for, and serves as a permanent reminder of how special that day was for me. After the ceremony, as we were leaving in the limo for the reception, a very mindful and attentive Bryan took the opportunity to take some very special pictures in the back of the limo that still stand as the first pictures of us as a married couple. We look so genuine and relaxed (even though I was super nervous!) and in love! One of those pictures is still my profile picture three years later! Again, Bryan excels at capturing genuine candid moments, providing a diverse array of angles and filters for posed shots, and most importantly, being very friendly, professional, and respectful. I would recommend him as your photographer for any event or celebration. Period. Thanks B-Raps!
    Jake & Kelly
  • The photographs of our wedding were beautiful! Bryan captured every single aspect of our wedding on film for everlasting memories. I will use B-Raps for all important functions to come.
    Coia Wedding
  • Bryan is an excellent photographer and a very nice person to work with as well!!
    Lisa Testa
  • Look no furthur....your photographer is here... (for ANY occasion)!!!
    Morrisa White-Jacques
    Lucinda TLombardi
  • Bryan took our family pictures and they came out great!! He was very patient with my 3 year old, had great ideas, and was also open to my suggestions. He is very reasonably priced and provided the pictures very quickly!! We will definitely be using him again
    The Bilsky Family
  • My husband and I chose Bryan at B-Raps photography to do our engagement session at Beavertail park in Jamestown R.I. Bryan arrived on time, well prepared, and even brought some fun, romantic props to help make our photo shoot even better! He was kind, knowledgeable, and patient (which was great because neither of us had ever had professional photos taken before) Bryan made sure he not only captured the beauty of the surroundings but also captured our love and personalities we wanted to show in our photos. He was also very responsive not only in the beginning but throughout the whole process. Going through B-Raps photography was a wonderful experience and took a lot of stress out of the wedding process! I recommend B-Raps photography to everyone who is looking for that perfect touch to capture the most important moments in their life.
    Steve & Mae
  • Bryan captured every moment of our wedding with such finesse. He was so professional and paid attention to every detail. Bryan made everyone feel relaxed and made it very easy to capture the candid photos that turned out to be some of favorites. We cannot wait for the next milestones in our life so we can have Bryan capture more memories!

    Mr & Mrs Jones :)
    Mr & Mrs Jones
  • Bryan is an amazing photographer. He has an eye for detail and captures every special moment. I would definitely recommend him to everyone!!! 
    Cabrera Family

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Modeling Photography